Sales Coaching


Coach Yvette's sales and business development insights span a wide array of customizable services, including:


Every team benefits from thinking outside the box and seeing fresh ideas to generate business. At Carried The Bag, we realize that every person on each team is different. So why coach everyone the same way?

We know it is essential to meet people where they are individually, using predictive assessment tools with unique personal results. Our proven models help our clients identify sales aptitude and pinpoint current comfort zones, then identify steps to increase individual sales effectiveness.

After individual assessments, Carried The Bag demonstrates how to execute a company-wide sales process with common steps — but with the flexibility for team members to be themselves at their best and most confident.


Carried The Bag provides strategies that assist businesses with assessing and evaluating the culture of their departments and the entire organization.  This is accomplished by offering customized approaches that highlight the strengths and opportunity areas within the organization.

Businesses are comprised of individuals with unique personalities, different experiences, backgrounds and perspectives.  When we understand the different communication and conflict managment styles, we are better equipped to achieve transformational change within the business.  An organization is effective when its people believe that they are valued. 


Carried The Bag provides insight on the “why” in your company's vision — then strategically dissects the intricate components that separate you from your competition. Our next step is to customize a plan of action that targets yur ideal client — using effective networking, proactive approaches and a consistent strategy that is based on how people make buying decisions. 

The result? A sales process that leads to new business — the ultimate goal of every thriving business entity.


Quite often we meet individuals who benefit from our objective listening, clarifying feedback and honest and safe conversations. We find that when individuals become more transparent in acknowledging their opportunity areas, meaningful personal insights are revealed. Allow us to help you understand what personal barriers may be having an impact on your professional life. The outcome? Increased confidence in your ability to network effectively, build authentic relationships and improve business growth.


Regardless of your field or industry, you're in the business of building relationships. To do that, you must be willing to customize your processes — everything from how you address your customers, how you conduct meetings to how your environment looks and feels. We begin our Customer Experience Assessment by discreetly and objectively looking through the customer's lens. We consider business etiquette and nuances, as well as customer motivations and needs. Then Carried The Bag provides a detailed report that will guide your organization to adapt operations and deliver an improved customer experience. The Customer Experience Assessment is designed for:

  • Medical Practices
  • Luxury Services, including Spas and Salons
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Retail Businesses