Sales Coaching

Coach Yvette

Coach Yvette’s passion is developing people.

Starting with her strategy sessions, Yvette Alexander Slate selects the right customized roadmap to growth for each client and business team. Whether she is talking with the partner of a law or accounting firm, the owner of a luxury spa or the staff in a physician’s office, Yvette guides each individual to grow, gain confidence and sharpen personal skills. Her warm, engaging style puts people at ease to share in one-on-one or group meetings. The customized coaching that results from these relevant and thought-provoking sessions helps individuals to build authentic, enduring relationships that drive business development and growth.

Unlike many sales coaching firms, Yvette’s models are unique to her practice. Her insights are a fusion of intuitive talents, perceptive listening and a philosophy of sales based on twenty-plus years of experience in the business world.

To connect with Yvette, contact Carried The Bag, LLC at Yvette works with individuals and companies in Columbus, Central Ohio, and beyond.

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Ohio University College of Business
Executive Advisory Board Member

Schey Sales Centre at Ohio University
Executive Committee Member of the Professional Sales Advisory Board

The Women’s Book
Business Development and Sales Editor

HR Chally
Certified Affiliate

Seven Circles of Hope, Inc.
Founder, CEO and President