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When They Don't See Value, They Only See Cost

What I’ve learned over the years being an entrepreneur is that people want to know what you do by seeing the work that you provide to others. I once scheduled a group coaching session with an intimate group of business owners. Before I shared the cost of the sessions with... Read more...

People Lose Business Because They Fail to Follow Up

I was working with a client and they shared with me how frustrated they were that some of their prospects weren’t calling them back. First, I asked “when was the last time you made contact with the business?” And then my second question was going to be “what value did... Read more...

When You Are Confident In Your Services, They Will Confidently Say "Yes"

When I come in contact with a business that is looking to partner with me and utilize my services to help them grow, I often times ask 2 basic but important questions: 1. "Do you believe in what you are offering?" 2. "Do you believe that you are adding value... Read more...

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