Sales Coaching

What They Say

“You’ve heard the saying, ‘Give someone a fish and feed her for a day. Teach someone to fish and you feed her for a lifetime.’ Yvette is a true sales leader and business coach who does both.

As my sales and business development coach, Yvette taught me some very practical skills that still impact my business today. She pushed me to take my business development to the next level. She has also opened doors for me to influential connections and opportunities – doors that wouldn’t have opened otherwise – that have led directly to sales growth for my company.

Not only is Yvette business savvy, she is a joy to spend time with. She cares about you and your success – and it shows in her commitment. 

Sales and business development is the top skill I have used to build Impact Instruction Group over the past 5 years, and Yvette’s guidance made a huge difference in my results!”

Amy Franko
Founder & CEO
Impact Instruction Group

“I have been working with Yvette Alexander Slate for 3 years in my medical practice.  Physicians are well equipped to deal with medical issues, but are often less familiar with negotiating the business challenges that modern medical practices face. In this capacity, she has provided tremendous value to my office in a relatively short period of time.  From the beginning, her approach to the work has been methodical, practical and tailored to our specific needs. 

After our initial meetings, we identified very important areas that needed to be addressed. She was able to assist me as we worked through solutions to solve some tough problems. I have been repeatedly amazed by her ability to discern my needs and the needs of my team. She has gained the respect of my staff, and we have been able to take steps toward improving the service that we deliver by implementing some of her strategies. Also, Coach Yvette has always been easy to access by email or phone, is quite responsive to our needs, and typically ready with a thoughtful answer. 

Overall, her effectiveness, professionalism, kindness and honesty have allowed me to easily view her as part of my team. I know that my practice is better off now than it was 8 months ago, and I am grateful to Coach Yvette Alexander Slate.” 

Shari Hicks-Graham, M.D.
Director, Downtown Dermatology, LLC

“Yvette and I were fortunate enough to cross paths during one of her sales coaching workshops. After sitting in the back of the room and observing her ability to command a room full of successful business owners, I was determined to contract with her in order to bring her message to The Ohio Business Opportunity Fair. Yvette’s workshop was attended by MBEs who were just starting their businesses as well as those who had been in business for decades and everywhere in between. The rave reviews we received on her presentation were no surprise to us, and instant confirmation came when business owners and their sales teams lined up after her presentation to continue their dialogue. Her ability to challenge normal modes of operation and give birth to innovative and cutting-edge ideas about how to function is nothing less than mind blowing. The sales coaching not only came from a small business owner who worked in Corporate America, it was mission driven and positioned sales professionals to be memorable, professional, tactful and intentional. Knowing Yvette for a little over a year now and having worked and networked with her, I know that not only is she a great sales coach, she is a dynamic woman and exemplifies the consummate sales professional.”  

Andre Lampkins
Director of Corporate Relations
South Central Ohio Minority Supplier Development Council

“I very much enjoyed working with Yvette and have always felt confident and comfortable with her coaching style. I love that she invested her time into my company to understand our core business model and current sales processes. After gathering all the relevant information, she then put together a very personalized and detailed sales training program. I have sales representatives that vary in their background and skills. It was important to me that we minimize the sales down time during training and it was essential that Yvette learned about my business before coming in to provide training. I know that because of her sales experience, the fact that she ‘carried the bag,’ she absolutely ‘walks her talk.’ She’s earned my respect, and the respect of my employees.  If all of this isn’t enough already…she’s one of the most genuine and caring people that I’ve ever been blessed to meet. The icing?  She’s beautiful, brilliant and lights up a room! I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone I know!”

Vicky Nosbisch
Horizon Datacom

“Ms. Slate provided our company and our team with valuable group and individual coaching, strategy, insight and tools to take our company to the next level. Yvette transformed our anemic and sporadic sales efforts into an organized, goal-oriented and energized process that permeated throughout our company and became part of our culture. Everyone on our team feels they are now part of the sales team. The results were measurable and impactful to our bottom line. We were propelled to the next stage of our growth track. We cannot thank her enough.”

Otto Beatty
E.E. Ward Moving & Storage

“I met Yvette at a WBE function and connected quickly with her energy and professional image. At the time I was going through a difficult time in my business and hired Yvette to assist me in getting my selling skills re-tuned. Yvette took me through an organized selling process every week for 3 months. At the end of that time I felt prepared to attend a franchisee meeting with one of my biggest clients in Las Vegas. Yvette helped me to regain my self esteem and the confidence I needed  to perform at a high level. I learned many applications to creating long term relationships and closing the sale. Yvette is a true professional and knows how to teach at all levels. The skills I learned will be with me for a lifetime. Yvette was always on time and ready to get me to work. I would recommend Yvette for working with individuals or in a team setting.”

Judy Kellogg
Kellogg Cabinets Inc.

“Yvette Alexander Slate partnered with the Ohio Small Business Development Center in 2009 to teach a sales course for business owners at the Dublin Entrepreneurial Center.  As a new entrepreneur wanting to gather all the experience I could, I realized this course might be beneficial to growing my accounting practice. Not only did it do that, but it also introduced me to Yvette. Her approach felt like a good fit for me, and I engaged her to work individually with me to improve my business sales abilities.

Yvette knows so much about selling professionally and effectively that I just soaked it up. She passed along certain ‘absolutes’ in a manner that made them understandable and easy to incorporate. She did not let me relax, understanding maybe more than I did at the time how important it was for me to do correctly what she had to pass along.  Two years later I am applying what she taught me and my business has benefited significantly.

I can sum up her value by saying, ‘Yvette will not make you comfortable, she'll make you better.’ You can't put a price tag on that.”

Gordon Sherk
Run 4 Profit

“The coaching sessions with Carried The Bag forced us to reflect on our current systems and procedures, which helped us realize that we need to establish a process and if completed, the process will produce results."

Mike, Partner at Kentner Sellers

"The group sales coaching class with Carried The Bag streamlined the thought processes and brought everything together.. it was a good exercise. Great job.” job."   

Kanumury, GniYes

"For me the sales coaching with Carried The Bag helps me either coach our clients better or refer them to a known expert and capable coach specifically for sales."                            

Rick, Tech Columbus

"Even though many of the points were 'refresher' actions for me, the content from Carried The Bag, and presentation made it all 'fresh' and has helped me re-concentrate on several areas of professional presentation and relationship building.”        

Bob, President Nikware

“It let me see the importance of stepping out of the comfort area to develop the relationships that are needed to build my career and the ability to move up throughout my company. Very beneficial.”                                                 

Brian, Staff Accountant Kentner Sellers

"Carried The Bag provided useful and practical information. Used real examples to bring the info 'to life.' Gave me confidence!" 

Sue, Writesolutions LLC

“Carried The Bag gave me insight and direction that I will implement in relationship building and presentations now! The questions/insight to build rapport to ‘earn business’ were eye opening. You packaged this in a way that I can use now to improve my approach with confidence for results and build relationships that will weather the economic storm now.” 

Cathy, Make A Wish Ohio

“Yvette Alexander Slate provided a new outlook on how sales skills can be used in a development role for a non-profit. It was a nice refresher course for us.”

Katie, Make A Wish Ohio

"After owning my business for nearly seven years, and working in my industry for more than twenty years, I see a general apathy towards service and ethics. Yvette Alexander Slate not only handled every detail of our experience, from its initiation, with perfect decorum but almost anticipates our wants and needs before we did. Not only would I recommend her services, but say you're foolish not to utilize her expertise.  We saw an immediate response to her training in our staff.  We also learned valuable information about many employees through the keen observations of Yvette in a thorough final report."  

Tim Maurer, President, Mukha Skincare Spa

“Yvette Alexander Slate is an experienced professional who makes a phenomenal sales coach because she has truly perfected the art of relationship selling. She brings many years of selling success to each session and then customizes her approach for each business. She helped our business double our closing ratio generating a great ROI for her services. I'd recommend Yvette for any organization that could benefit from a more structured, comprehensive sales process. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.”                          

Justin, Marketing Director

"I came to know Yvette at a board meeting of the Ohio University Sales Centre.  Yvette Alexander Slate is a polished professional who really has it all together.  I appreciate that she places a high value on success but not at the expense of ethics.  Her keynote presentation and testing of our sales team at our annual meeting was one of the most highly rated guest speakers we've ever had."      

C. Lee Smith, President, Sales Development Services, Inc.

"I recommend Yvette Alexander Slate without hesitation. She developed and trained a winning sales team in a very short time period, that went on to exceed company goals and expectations. She is capable of successfully accomplishing everything she sets out to do. In addition to her expertise Yvette brings passion and professionalism to the table.”     

Diana, Banking VP  

"I feel the sessions were beneficial. I am constantly using the information and continue to follow up with my centers of influence. I have noticed that the standards I set are not always carried out by my COI’s. This helps me to get an understanding of their personal infrastructure and whether or not they are focused on helping their clients."          

Mike, VP Focus Business Solutions

"I have noticed an increase in my confidence and I can see a change for the better in my relationship building skills. The sale comes more naturally to me now and I really have you to thank!"                                  

Amy, Horizon Datacom Solutions, Inc.

“What I best liked about our customized sales coaching with Carried The Bag, LLC was the interaction with each employee and the application to our industry and specific situations.”

Judy Vazquez, President, JAVACO, Inc.