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When They Don't See Value, They Only See Cost

January 7, 2014 | Posted by Yvette Alexander Slate

What I’ve learned over the years being an entrepreneur is that people want to know what you do by seeing the work that you provide to others. I once scheduled a group coaching session with an intimate group of business owners. Before I shared the cost of the sessions with them, I invited them to my office, introduced everyone and began the coaching session. I showed them ways to proactively overcome potential objections during the initial meeting by qualifying the person or business. There was laughter, questions, and revelations all at the same time. I wanted to welcome an environment of trust, credibility and transparency among the group. When it came to letting them know how much the session would cost, there was an anonymous decision of “I’m in!”

Using my story as an example, no matter what you are offering, whether it is a service or product, you must allow them to see the value or even receive the value so that cost does not even become an issue. People will pay for GREAT service. People can appreciate experience and individuals with wisdom. Wisdom is the communication of knowledge and the application of that knowledge to people who will know how to receive the information. It has nothing to do with age and everything to do with credibility and the results that you helped one achieve. Are you giving value? Here are 7 questions to help you find out:

  1. Is cost the first criterion for someone to work with you?
  2. Are you talking to the right person? The decision maker? Some decision makers aren’t concerned about the bad word economy. We really need to move beyond this excuse for not getting business because people are still buying. They are just very selective in their purchases and they should be. This is why the importance of earning the business is so critical. (Another blog topic) :)
  3. Do you truly know what your prospect’s goals are or are you trying to meet your own goals?
  4. How does your service contribute to their needs and goals?
  5. Why should they consider outsourcing your services?
  6. Will they tell others about you? A referral is the best compliment one can receive.
  7. At the end of the day, could you offer a trial service at no charge to get honest feedback before charging upfront?

So I challenge you today, this week, this month and even this year to show, add and give value before cost becomes an issue because cost never has to be the reason why a person won’t do business with you. This is the only time that I will state this next statement: “Giving value to your customers is all about you. How badly do you want to earn their business long-term?”