Sales Coaching

When You Are Confident In Your Services, They Will Confidently Say "Yes"

January 25, 2013 | Posted by Yvette Alexander Slate

When I come in contact with a business that is looking to partner with me and utilize my services to help them grow, I often times ask 2 basic but important questions:

  1. “Do you believe in what you are offering?”
  2. “Do you believe that you are adding value to your ideal client?”

If I see a hint of hesitation, I tell them that if they don’t believe that what they are offering adds value to others, then their prospects won’t believe that they can help them. In other words, people can sense insecurity and doubt. When one is searching for or evaluating an expert to assist them with personal and professional development, they want to know that this person is SHARP in their approaches.

Here are some things to consider:

  1. Once you have a solid business plan that focuses on the action steps that you need to take to grow your business, then take action and execute.
  2. Identify your opportunity areas. In other words, admit your limitations and outsource those skills to someone who can help you. We offer assessments that are “sales predictive” to help individuals know their strengths as it relates to business development. Everyone can’t be the “hunter” and the “farmer.”
  3. Ask yourself, “what qualifies me as an expert? Do I have the years of experience and the proven results to support those accomplishments?” People aren’t as impressed with the acronyms behind your name as they are with the results that you can help them achieve.
  4. When you are confident in your approaches and the presentation of your services, your prospects are drawn to that positive energy, effort and enthusiasm.
  5. So when it’s time to present your fees, you say it with confidence and you aren’t so quick to negotiate with them. In other words, don’t be perceived as desperate. You don’t and can’t work with everyone. It’s okay for you to say no to businesses that are not good fits for you either.

I ask you today to evaluate your approaches. Do you believe in what you are offering? Does your experience support your position and your area of concentration? Do you offer your expertise with passion? And do you believe that others can feel your enthusiasm and confidence.

Stand in authority on your service offerings and know that you are using your gifts to help and serve others. Make it a great day!